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Landlord Representation

Being a landlord can be a great thing until the tenant stops paying, the Court tells you your lease is illegal, or you find out your tenant knows the system better than you do. We get it. We’ve been representing landlords for decades in the Metro Detroit District Courts. We’ve heard all the excuses for not paying rent, and we’ve seen the pitfalls for landlords in Federal, State, and local laws.

Let us help you put the right language into your lease, inventory check lists, and other documents. Let us represent you in court. We know the process, and can make sure you are filling out the right forms, making the right allegations, and presenting the right defenses to get the best results in your case. Also, we can help make sure your expenses are less for the next eviction by showing you what you can do the next time. Of course, we can also help you put together a LLC, corporation, a lease with option, or whatever other needs you have for your property or properties.

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