Real Estate Law


As many of our clients have discovered, the recent declines in real estate values have created excellent opportunities for real estate investment. Maybe you’re a landlord, a land contract vendor, a property flipper, or a partner with others in a real estate investment. Perhaps you have always been invested in real estate, and you have ridden the wave of property values. You may have just come acquired some money, and you have heard that real estate may be a good investment for you.

We have clients just like you who need to have the knowledge and skill of the Michigan legal system to make the best decisions for how to legally set up and protect their investment. Also, we will provide the zealous advocacy that you may need if there already is a dispute or conflict that needs a remedy. Many of our clients call us first when they have a serious problem. Others call to prevent or mitigate these issues. In any event, the wise investors seek experienced legal counsel so that they can enhance the bottom line, limit the conflicts, and make the best investment and legal decisions. We will listen to you, and combine our expertise with your goals to stay on the right path.

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