Firm Overview

Our team at Dunlap Kucmierz has the skill and experience necessary to provide you the counsel required in today's complex and competitive marketplace.

Informing and educating our clients: Dunlap Kucmierz believes that the law as it applies to a client's case should not be so mysterious that it cannot be explained. We can better represent our clients when they understand the applicable law and how the facts of their case can be applied to the law. This allows for a free flow of information between the clients and the attorney to better advocate their interests. We are also available for presentations and educational seminars on a wide range of issues regarding insurance and real estate.

Application of the Law: Dunlap Kucmierz has availed itself of the latest computer research and legal updating services while continuing to gain legal experience in the same focused areas of insurance defense, real estate, and criminal law. By researching and strategizing, we have assisted clients in developing innovative and successful techniques for defending their claims.