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PIP Insurance

There are many challenges in combating PIP insurance fraud. You have to pay reasonable and necessary expenses or be subjected to penalties and attorneys’ fees. You cannot deny a claim for failure to attend an examination under oath alone. You can only deny the portion of the claim that is fraudulent. We remember when some of these issues were different, and we can help you eliminate fraud while avoiding the pitfalls.

We work with the investigator in each case to uncover malingering, unnecessary treatment, unreasonable expenses, staged claims, false histories, and the other myriad fraud issues in these cases. We understand that there is fraud in medical expenses, wage loss, transportation services, household services, and attendant care. We understand that the treaters, service providers, insureds, body shops, and other professional service providers often collude to generate illicit income on the backs of the insurance industry. We have seen how prescription drug addicts have used the no-fault act to pay for their habit. We have followed spurious medical treatment from thermography to manipulation under anesthesia. Let us team with you to pay what is owed and nothing more.

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