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Fraud in insurance cases takes many forms, and we have been involved in uncovering all of them.  We defend fire, theft, vandalism, and water loss claims.  We have seen the recent effects of fraud and arson in homes with upside-down mortgages.  We have watched how unscrupulous public adjusters and contractors have preyed upon desperate homeowners and the insurance industry to line their pockets. We have helped our clients keep up to speed with the increasing prevalence of fraudulent water claims.

In many of our fire cases, the defense of arson is involved.  We know that fire origin and cause has been impacted by changes to NFPA 921.  Some changes are good, and some are not.  In any event, we are there to make sure that the courts in our cases are aware that NFPA 921 is a guide and not the only word to be heard.  We also make sure that insurance investigators and origin and cause investigators are prepared for cross-examination on these issues.  In all cases, we are only concerned with the truth, and how to prove it.

Vandalism claims have increased with assignees of mortgage companies and mortgage service providers making claims for foreclosed properties.  The metro Detroit area has seen new players involved in setting up large water loss claims made to look accidental.  Insureds who are just getting into or out of bankruptcy cases stage phony theft and fire claims to get cash.  Because we are taking examinations under oath of these scam artists and litigating with their attorneys, we see these trends and more.

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