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Insurance fraud relating to theft, arson, collision, and vandalism is an area of huge expense to insurance companies. However, it is often overlooked by insurance companies because each claim tends to be smaller than other lines of coverage. What should not be overlooked is the vast number of these claims, and the high cost of paying fraudulent vehicle claims. We understand that our clients want to keep costs down on smaller claims, but our clients have enjoyed a low return rate on these claims. In other words, more auto claims end with a denial letter and no lawsuit than other insurance lines.

Perhaps you have experienced the frustration of knowing a claim is suspicious, but having an unrecovered vehicle. We can show you how we have had success in proving many of these cases to be fraudulent without the vehicle ever being recovered. Owner give-ups are a common form of fraud, but the vehicles are often never recovered.

Some of the same fraud rings that are involved in PIP and BI fraud are also generating automobile fraud. Also, the right to demand an examination under oath rather than requesting it exists in the automobile vehicle coverage of most insurance policies. We know how to use the law to get to the truth in these cases, and to recognize the overlapping motives and players in some auto and PIP claims.

Ask us how to get money back including punitive damages and attorneys’ fees from fraudulent body shops. Let us help your company to be known as tough on auto fraud rather than an easy mark for the predators who stage these claims.

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